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Ongoing Classes

Ongoing Classes

From basic Judaism, to Kabbalah and everything in between.




Classes and Learning Options    


At Chabad, we offer you the opportunity to learn and explore.  Our classes range from the very basics of Judaism, to Kabbalah, and everything in between.  Rabbi Shmuli and Chavie are both available for individual sessions on the topics of your choice. 


Coffee ancoffee and kabbalah.gifd Kabbalah

Come experience the depth of Torah, and the pinnacle of caffeine indulgence. A timeless journey into the mysteries of G‑d, Man and the Universe.

Monday Nights, 7:30 pm at Chabad





Judajudaism in a semester.jpgism in a Semester 

  It’s your heritage…you deserve to know!  This innovative program will provide an overview of the fundamental aspects of Judaism to college students who have limited knowledge of Judaism and desire to learn more. 


In on semester you will learn every area of Judaism you ever wondered about!


8 classes, 8 subjects.  All classes are visually based.


Attend all 8 classes and earn $50!!


8 Tuesdays,

Sept. 7, 16, Oct. 3, 28, Nov. 4, 11, 7, 8

Student Center Room 218 (upstairs)

Pre-Registration IS REQUIRED – email to register.




   Hebrew Readinhebrew reading crash.jpgg and Language

 Do you feel lost because you can’t follow the prayers?    Always wanted to know how to read Hebrew? Now is your chance! Learn to read and understand Hebrew! 


Wednesdays, 8:00 pm

Email Chavie to register and reserve a spot.  Class size is limited to 10.


   Lunch and Learn

bagels and coffee.jpgMaximize your lunch break with refreshing and stimulating “food for thought” and a tasty, Kosher, FREE Lunch. Topic and menu will vary each week.


Wednesdays, 11:15 am

Back of the Student Center Cafeteria


   One-on-One Study

one-on-one.gifRabbi Shmuli and Chavie are both available for personalized study sessions or discussions.  You chose the topic, time, and place of your convenience. 


Call 516-483-1362 or email to schedule.


    person on the phone.jpg 

      Weekly Conference Torah Class - Thursdays @ 12:30 .

(         712) 432-0180 Participant Access Code: 552912#  


Click here to sign up for any of the above options.