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  • Chabad on Campus Raffle - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Thank you for your tremendous support. Raffle Date Wednesday , August 6th 2014 See More
  • 10 Minute Torah class with the RabbiThursdays @ 12:30-12:40 - Call this conference call number and join others as they listen to a 10 minute inspirational class.

    Who doesn't have 10 minutes ?
  • Feeling Sick? Under the Weather ? We can help!Spiritual health is not the only thing we are tackling here at Chabad. Your physical well being is just as important to us. YOU are important to us. If you are sick... let us know.. we will bring you a bowl of soup and help you in any way we can. CALL US
  • Welcome Back BBQ Come meet the Rabbi, eat awesome food and meet new friends! Read More
  • Where is Chabad?Directions and MapFind Us
  • MarriageTwo can become one—when soulmates tap into the singular soul they share. Join us as we explore this quest for oneness, as empowered by the timeless laws and traditions of the Jewish wedding and marriage.Browse section
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